How much do you charge?

We have a one-time registration fee of $125.

After that,

Each lesson is $40. We don’t charge taxes and we don’t have contracts.
Each lesson is 30 mins long or you can choose to upgrade.

What style of music do you teach?

We are not limited by any genre.

Can I do drop-in lessons?

Of course! Just pay the registration fee so you are in our system and then come and go as you please.

What instruments do you teach?

We currently teach guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, singing and
extreme vocals.
But we are always looking to evolve our programs.

What do you mean "no contracts"?

The common paradigm has usually been, sign up for music
lesson and commit to an entire year or more in advance. We
disagree with this philosophy and set out to change it by removing unnecessary commitment.

At our school, you pay the registration fee, you pay for lessons,
and you come each week until life gets in the way.

What's the catch?

No catch! We have no contracts and no hidden fees. You pay for
your lessons and the one time registration fee. That’s it!
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