Each student is given a 30-minute lesson once per week (Unless otherwise discussed). The scheduled time is the same each week until that student discontinues lessons. The time is selected based on a combination of availability for both the teacher and the student.



All students will be required to pay a one-time registration fee. This fee is applied at the time of registration and is non-refundable.



To ensure the same time is given each week, students must pay at least one calendar month in advance.  This is to reserve a dedicated time for each student.  Lessons paid ‘per visit’ are considered ‘drop in lessons’ which are not provided a dedicated time slot. 



A minimum notice of 48 hours is required to cancel or change any lesson and not be charged. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made to this policy due to the costs that are incurred by the instructor.



If a student does not attend their lesson time and has not given the required notice of 48 hours or more, then the student will be charged for the missed lesson. The reality is that by “No Showing” you remove the ability to schedule another student in this time slot. If multiple absences occur, the time slot will be considered “abandoned” and will be made available for another student.



In the case of a teacher absence, a make up lesson will be suggested.  Students are encouraged to work with TEMPLE MUSIC ACADEMY staff and get their make up lesson booked promptly.  All make up lessons will expire if not scheduled and taken within 60 days.



No refunds will be made available for lessons already taken. Refunds for upcoming lessons are available as long as it follows the guidelines of the cancellation policy.



All teachers have the right to refuse a lesson if they feel uncomfortable, threatened or deem you unfit to teach. No refund or “Makeup” will be available for the refused lesson. This decision will be made at the teacher’s discretion and will be fully supported by management.


Online lessons are treated under the same policies and guidelines as all other lesson formats within TEMPLE MUSIC ACADEMY.  Please ask your teacher or the management if you have any concerns regarding equipment or privacy.


TEMPLE MUSIC ACADEMY maintains a list of qualified and vetted substitutes that are used in various circumstances.  Students of all teachers are subject to the possibility of a substitute without notice.


TEMPLE MUSIC ACADEMY proudly supports and encourages the training of future teachers. Our exclusive training and intern program allows the opportunity for future teachers to get a substantial amount of experience and preparation. Students of TEMPLE MUSIC ACADEMY are subject to the possibility of learning with current interns and also additional trainees in the future.                                                             


I hereby consent to the use of my or those I am guardian for's photograph or likeness in any publication, videotape, pamphlet or promotion by TEMPLE MUSIC ACADEMY or other agencies which are promoting or furthering the mission of TEMPLE MUSIC ACADEMY. I understand that I will not receive separate compensation or consideration from TEMPLE MUSIC ACADEMY or anyone else for the permission granted in this Consent nor for the actual publication or use of my photograph or likeness.  I understand I am releasing TEMPLE MUSIC ACADEMY from any and all liability that may occur as a direct or indirect result of my photograph, the release of my identity, or the public relations materials, including but not limited to the use of any quotations.

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