June 30, 2018

Extreme Music Lessons

This is a fantastic platform to discuss just exactly why I started using the term, “Extreme Music Lessons” and what it actually means.

The title was my attempt at showing the world that music lessons are unreal and amazing and most importantly, open to everyone!  Sure, it could be argued that the title is an attempt at branding and that would be accurate. It is.  But more importantly, it’s my ultimate expression towards being proud of who you are and proud of what inspires you. Hence our message, “Proud of where we come from. Proud of what inspires us.”

Since I’m the one writing this, let me give you a run down of the lesson topics we covered this week alone:

  • Country picking
  • Walking bass lines
  • Worship Music sight reading
  • Improvisation over 12 bar blues
  • Classical Guitar Pieces
  • University Theory Examples
  • Campfire chord songs

The variety alone should come across as astounding. No limitations with us and that is what we call “Extreme Music Lessons”.

You see, the heavier or “crazy” genres (styles) of music have typically drawn a different type of personality. The challenge I want to set in this post is to ask you to look beyond the traditional view just for a second and follow me through this path.  See what it’s like and read some of our points of view.

Imagine entering a traditional music school and saying, “I would like to learn how to play Death Metal”. In many cases you may be met with some kind of glare or look of shock. Often, you may even get redirected to a teacher who has no interest in the style. You could spend years focused on aspects of material that are not inspiring to you at all and ultimately not become fulfilling.  Now imagine entering a place that has no limitations.  Getting taught by a series of teachers who are so excited about music in general and do not believe you should ever feel ashamed or embarrassed by the music that inspires you.

Those of us that were inspired by heavier music have grown to love the challenge and complexity of it. We have also come from a place of no limitations and no judgement. This inspired us to accept so many different styles of music and so many different inspirations, while never being ashamed of where we came from or what excited us. This is why our student base has been growing so rapidly. This is why you should come to the Temple Music Academy.

So a real thing to keep in mind is the general message that, your average (I dislike this term a great deal) metal inspired musician is actually capable of playing multiple styles.  It may not be a well known fact, but let me assure you that the musicianship, knowledge and technical ability that is required to pull off and perform a heavier genre song is actually quite intense.  Its been said many times across the internet and in general conversations about the relationship between heavy metal and classical music. That the musicians performing either style possess a similar mindset in composition, performance, and emotion.

Now take that new information and translate it into the person teaching you, or a loved one in our curriculum. What better place to learn than with a teacher that strives to reach heights and technical ability while discussing from a place of pure passion for what they do?  In my mind, it’s utterly perfect.

When you catch site of our advertising or even venture up our stairs know this: We are more than able and more than willing to help you learn anything that excites you. We are not just metal guys. 

If you ever get the opportunity to attend or witness a live performance, (we have a venue attached to our school) you must attend! If not at least once in your life, allow yourself to experience this style of music from a live and true perspective. The environment, the energy, it’s all very empowering. Although a bit extreme and possibly cliche, check out this rad video but… there is bit of language.

Much love and respect,

DJ Temple.

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